Logga The Gothenburg Process
The production, trade and transfer of military equipment is of profound concern for the churches. The Gothenburg process is an ecumenical initiative gathering churches and church-related organisations around the issue of the arms trade. The process takes its point of departure in the ethical dimension of the production, trade and proliferation of military equipment.

Within the Gothenburg process, churches and church related organisations are working together ecumenically, with the aim to raise the understanding and the knowledge of the ethical challenges posed by the arms trade. The process also encourages an inclusive and constructive dialogue with the defence industry, with control authorities and armed forces.

Yours sincerely,

KG Hammar

KG Hammar
Chairperson, Steering Committee of the Gothenburg Process

Photo: Jim Elfström/IKON

William Kenney
Bishop, International Chairperson, Steering Committee of the Gothenburg Process